Daisy Camo Air Rifle with Scope

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Daisy Camo Air Rifle with Scope

The Daisy 2840 Camo is a tough camoflauged single pump pneumatic air rifle that shoots either BBs or .177 caliber pellets. The Daisy 840 Camo comes with a 4X15 scope and raised rings, so you can still use the blade and ramp front and adjustable rear sights even while the scope is mounted. When shooting BBs, the gun will hold 350 BBs in the reservoir; .177 caliber pellets are single shot only. The 840 Camo produces 350 feet per second velocities with both. It features a crossbolt trigger block safety and molded stock and forearm with checkering and woodgrain.



  • Molded with Checkering and Woodgrain with Camo
  • .177 caliber pellets
  • 4 x 15 Scope
  • Maximum shooting distance: 211 yards
  • Velocity: 350 feet per second
  • Barrel: Smooth Bore Steel 

4X15 Scope



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