Snappi-Hookers Rubber Tie-Down Tarp Strap

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Snappi-Hookers Rubber Tie-Down Tarp Strap

Tired of replacing cracked and broken tarp straps? Snappi-Hookers have been redesigned to last longer and crack less than any other rubber tarp strap in the world. They are a tie-down strap with installed 2-1/2-inch S hooks for use with tarps or straping down cargo. They are available in a vaariety of lengths and are made from 100% UV resiliant EPDM rubber. Snappi-Hookers rubber tie down straps have been engineered to stay on your valuable load and give you the reliability, and ecurity you demand time after time. 



  • 100% EPDM UV resiliant rubber

  • 250% Safe Stretch 

  • Super Strong S-Hooks

  • Crack resistant


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